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A Comprehensive Guide to Packing Your Books for a Stress-Free Move

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A Comprehensive Guide to Packing Your Books for a Stress-Free Move

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When it comes to local moves, it’s common to begin by packing larger or numerous items. This is where books come into play. Packing and unpacking can be a daunting task when tackled alone, but fear not! This guide will provide valuable insights for your next local move.

Here are some tips you shall find in this blog:

Going through a lot of moving moments with our clients, we’re here to inform you about moving tips, as well as packing and unpacking experiences to be shared with you. Let’s save you some time.

Let’s start with packing!

Sorting and selecting your books

When it comes to packing and preparing for a local move, the first step is to remember the different literary genres of your books. This will help ensure that everything is organized and easy to unpack once you arrive at your new home. Take the time to pack your books carefully according to their genre, so that you can easily locate them later.

However, there are other things to consider when packing up your books. Take some time to assess which ones are worth keeping, and which ones you could donate, sell, or give away to family members. If you’ve already read some of them, this will help reduce the number of books you need to pack and move.

If you want to save time, we recommend you take a look at our full packing and unpacking services and contact us!

Prepare materials and boxes for packing

To ensure safe packing, you should buy materials and boxes for protection. This is an essential tip that we’re giving you, so consider it.

Several moving companies provide boxes for sale or rent to aid in packing. It’s advisable to inquire with them if they offer this service. However, purchasing additional protection materials, like styrofoam, is necessary to ensure the safety of your books during transportation.

And buy some markers, we’ll explain in the next step!

Label your boxes

Hey everyone, listen up! Make sure to label your boxes so that unpacking becomes easier and hassle-free. As a bonus, it will also save you a significant amount of time if you plan on rearranging your room later on. Don’t forget the importance of labeling!

Use numbers or even colors to label your boxes, it will give you a good insight of what you have there when you move into your new home.

Protect your boxes

We understand that you have a deep affection for your books, and that is why we are offering you this advice.

Adding an extra layer of protection will not only benefit your books, but it won’t even hurt your wallet. It’s best to purchase paper foils to cover your books as you start packing. Although Styrofoam is sufficient, if you are concerned about damaging your books, using paper foils will provide an additional layer of protection and put your mind at ease.

Additionally, it’s best to pack your books upright to avoid any damage to the covers such as folding or tearing.

Pick the right weight and size for your boxes

The weight of the boxes is crucial because you want to ensure that they can be easily lifted and transported, especially if you are moving on your own or hiring movers who charge by weight. Opting for smaller, manageable boxes will also make it easier to organize and stack them in the moving truck, preventing any potential damage or accidents during transportation.

In addition to weight considerations, the size of the boxes is equally important when packing your books. It is advisable to choose boxes that are specifically designed for books or ones that have sturdy sides and are not too large.

This helps prevent the books from shifting or getting damaged during transport. Selecting boxes that are just the right size will also make it easier to arrange them efficiently, maximizing the use of space and preventing any unnecessary movement that could lead to wear and tear on your precious books.


If you only have a small number of books to move, you could do it yourself. However, it’s recommended to hire a professional moving company to save time and stress.

Hiring an experienced moving company in New York City would be a great pick for your local move. So consider visiting our website and get a free quote for your local move. Our movers will take care of your books as moving experts.

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Now, it’s time to execute your move with Just Move It Moving & Storage!

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